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A Royal Swedish Day

A Royal Swedish Day

By on 21-06-13 in Blog | 0 comments

I’m overdue on a post, and if I don’t get this down on paper, I’m quickly going to forget it.  Thursday I got up at around 10 but was feeling really worn out (I’m sensing a bit of a pattern here) so I decided to lay about at Mike’s place for a while before doing anything.  It took quite a bit of convincing to get up from my bed (the couch) and even get up to brush my teeth.  This must be what road fatigue was.  After about two hours of waffling I finally managed to get myself up and ready and decided that I didn’t feel like touring the city today, but that I really should get out and do something with my day.

So, after some googling, I found out that the Swedish royal family’s official residence, Drottningholm Palace, was just a short subway and bus ride away, outside of the main city, but still within Stockholm county.  So I hopped on public transit and slowly made my way there.

I really didn’t know what to expect, except that the grounds themselves were quite extensive and that there were some neat historical things around to look at.  So I started wandering around and ended up taking a tour of the royal residence itself.  The building was quite beautiful, and there were rooms decorated in the 17th, 18th and 19th century styles, with a number of artifacts around that I was able to see.  Unfortunately, photography wasn’t permitted in the building itself, but I did manage to get a few shots of the palace and the grounds outside, such as this one:

I spent the next few hours wandering around the grounds and sitting on various benches and just admiring the view because it was very peaceful and quiet and the sun was out and it was all generally refreshing.  I ended up wandering to this building called the Chinese pavilion which was given to one of the queens as a birthday gift from her son, and it was a very stunning building.  It was designed as a private retreat for the royals, with big airy rooms each painted in different colours and different styles, filled with the treasures of the orient.  I really loved this building, even though it smacked of orientalism.  I could totally imagine myself lounging on a chaise, enjoying some tea and refreshments with the windows open and a cool breeze from lake Malmeren flowing through.

At that point, the grounds were closing so I went to the local newsstand (this particular brand all had free wifi!) to check my facebook messages and the like.  Mike contacted me to let me know what the plans for this evening were:  Ethiopian food and then a movie.  Sounded perfectly wonderful.  So we did that and then when I got home I promptly passed out, hence the lack of posting.  It was time to head out to Norway the next day!

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