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Norway, You Remind Me of Home

Norway, You Remind Me of Home

By on 21-06-13 in Blog | 0 comments

This one will be a short one.  Yesterday was a travel day.  I left Stockholm early in the morning, destination, Arendal, via Oslo and Nelaug.  The Swedish high speed train was really annoying because the cabins weren’t pressurized, which meant that every time we went into a tunnel (and there were a LOT), my ears would pop, that feeling you get when you’re changing altitude in an aircraft.

The connection in Nelaug was only three minutes long, and our train was running behind by about five minutes.  Morten, my friend who I am visiting in Arendal, assured me that the train would wait before departing, but I wasn’t convinced, so I half expected to arrive there and have the train already gone, but thankfully, it was still there waiting.  Phew!  Stig, Morten’s boyfriend, picked me up at the train station and took me to their home where I settled in and enjoyed some thai (because while in Norway, why not eat Thai, amirite?), and some good conversation before passing out shortly after midnight, sleeping for 12 hours.  It was delightful.

The scenery in Norway really reminds me of the Canadian shield back home, kind of like going up to Maniwaki, with all the lakes and rocky outcroppings and stuff.  It really reminded me of  home and really hit home the homesickness.  I know I’m only here a few days more and that I should really take advantage of the time that I have here, but I’ve never really experienced homesickness this intensely before.  But like a friend back home, Caity said, “You can be homesick when you get home.”  LOL.  It’s true.  Thankfully there isn’t much to do in Arendal and it’s raining today so I suspect that I’ll spend a lot of time R&Ring before my final hurrah in Oslo.

So for now, I have to get back to relaxing and enjoying a quiet day.

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