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One Step Closer

One Step Closer

By on 23-06-13 in Blog | 0 comments

Travel day today.  Even if all I really did today was sit on the train for 5 hours combined (including a long layover as the train to Oslo was late), travel days are always exhausting.  I’m kind of dreading the actual trip home.  Three flights, fairly short and rushed layovers, starting at 4:30am Oslo time, ending at 3:15 (plus time for customs and passport control)pm EST.  It will be a long day.

Actually, before departing Morten and Stig’s in Arendal, they were kind enough to let me do a load of laundry, so I was able to get all that done last night, and then fold it and put it away this morning when I was packing.  This will be strange, coming home from a trip with mostly clean clothes.  One less thing to worry about, I suppose.

Once I got to Oslo, the intention was to take the tram from the Central Railway Station to my hostel, but unfortunately, all the trams were standing room only, and since I’m carrying an additional suitcase (Curse you Mike!), on top of my backpack, I decided that it wasn’t worth the pain (or the cost!) of trying to cram myself onto a tram for two stops.  I decided to hoof it.

Thankfully, it was only about 800m away, so the walk itself was rather uneventful.  Just tedious, with a giant backpack on my back and this extra suitcase dragging behind me, not to mention my camera back slung around my neck.  When I finally got the hostel, or what I thought was the hostel, they didn’t have my name in the list of people checking in today.  Ruh Roh.  Then we checked my sheet from the booking site and I was supposed to go to the hostel.  I thought that’s where I was.  Turns out they have both a hostel and a hotel.  Whoda thunkit?

So, down the street no more that 50m, go to check in, and they don’t have me in their reservation system either.  Crap.  It took them a while to figure out that the site that I booked with ( of all places!), doesn’t automatically insert bookings into their booking system.  So they found my reservation, but then realized that the class of room that I was supposed to get is all full.  So they upgraded me to the hotel, and sent me back to the first desk I went to to check in.  What a hassle, but thankfully I won’t be on the streets!

I settled in really quickly (and changed shirts because mine was soaked through with sweat at this point, it’s humid today!), then googled some restaurants nearby and found an indian place that was very well reviewed.  I ate.  I asked for it spicy, expecting northern European spicy.  I had to take a Zantac a few minutes ago because holy hell was it spicy.  And delicious.  I’m sure I’ll be feeling that tomorrow on the way out.

Only two sleeps left until home.  I’m dreading the actual travel home, but damn am I looking forward to crawling into my bed (after a shower, a shave and trimming my nails) and relaxing for a while in my own sheets.  It will be glorious.

One thing I forgot to pack on this trip was a nail clipper.  I figured that three weeks, I wouldn’t need one.  My nails would get a little long and then I’d get home and voila, done.  Bad mistake.  Apparently my nails are growing crazy quickly now, and because of all the moving of luggage and all that, three of my nails have broken and I had to tear them off leaving a whole bunch of really annoying jaggies that catch on everything.  Next time, I’m packing a nail clipper, but leaving behind something else.  I haven’t decided yet, but I know for sure that I overpacked.  Typical!

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